A producer by the name of ABSRDST just called Zedd out for jacking one of his tracks.

ABSRDST hasn’t come out and said that he thinks the superstar producer intentionally stole his work, but he’s letting the video below do the talking. Zedd’s song in question, “Stay” has gone double-Platinum since its release in 2017. ABSRDST’s track “Skin Contest” featuring JSTJR, which you’ve probably never heard of, came out in 2014.

So, why the wait? ABSRDST added a personal message explaining the spontaneous upload: honestly I wasn’t gonna put out this video but zedd is showing off his 16 million dollar house and it put me in a bad mood.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since the initial post, ABSRDST has kept the conversation going on Twitter. Apparently the tour of Zedd’s $16 million dollar mansion really did piss him off.

He referenced a time when the producer called out One Direction for plagiarism…


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“Stay” and “Skin Contest” do sound strikingly similar. But not everyone is a believer that Zedd would so blatantly rip off an idea like this…

It sounds like ABSRDST genuinely believes his work has been duplicated and he’s hoping someone can prove him otherwise.

There’s an open conversation still running via ABSRDST’s Twitter account here if you want to weigh in.