Maternity leave is officially over for Anna Lunoe; not that she ever really left anyway, as she kept up a full touring schedule while pregnant. Now, Anna returns with his first single since giving birth to her daughter, “Blaze of Glory.” The new song represents a marked departure from Anna’s underground house style, as she embraces a more pop-oriented style on the track. Anna creates a bouncy, uplifting, dance-able tune, accompanied by a fun, but simple video. Anna and two of her friends are just having a great time, each wearing a bright pastel sweater.

This song was also a major milestone as she struggled with knowing what her music career would be like with a child along the way. Thankfully for all of us, Anna has returned and is more ready than ever to produce new tracks.

“Today is an exciting day for me as I genuinely wasn’t sure if I would ever make music again at some points last year….But I’m back and veering off road into a bit of a different lane with this one. This is a song about the days you wake up with a bone to pick. When you are over it in all the ways and you want to kick the ants nest and stir things up. I hope this song blows the cobwebs out of your ears and makes you feel a little rowdy.”

Check out the video for “Blaze of Glory” below.

Grab your tickets to see Anna at Drai’s Beach Club in Vegas this month before she hits the festival circuit this summer. Summer highlights include Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Tomorrowland, and Veld Festival.