Alesso fans are in for a real treat as the producer has announced plans to take his music back to where it all started.

In a recent social media post, the producer gave a huge hint to as what his next chapter might sound like, and we have reason to believe it’s progressive house-driven. The genre is certainly making a comeback, not that it ever went away. Lately it just seems DJ/producers have a newfound appreciation for the music that got them into dance music in the first place.

Alesso Instagram

“The music I’m working on now is giving me so much goosebumps,” Alesso shared. “It reminds me why I started.”

Not only does Alesso intend to take his music back in time, but he promises what he’s been working on sounds better than ever. “Stay tuned for the best music I’ve ever made,” he said.

If he’s taking it way back, we can’t help but hope he’s cooking up something as nostalgic as “Calling (Lose My Mind).” Or even “Heroes (We Could Be),” which came way later but still sparks the same kind of emotion. If Alesso says this music is his best yet, it’s gotta be good! We’ll be listening!

Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind) ft. Ryan Tedder


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