With news about Facebook and its data sharing and selling practices in hyperfocus this week, it’s important to know if the platform is using your data. The easy answer is: yes, it is. When you use a free product, you become the product; or in this case, your browsing data and personal details.

But the issue with Facebook lately is that third parties might be getting your data via your friends when you haven’t opted in, and that’s not okay. One of the sources of such a data breach was the app¬†“This Is Your Digital Life,”¬†linked to the exposure of tens of millions of records for political research by Cambridge Analytica.

While it doesn’t make up for anything, Facebook now offers users the opportunity to see whether you or a friend have accessed the app, and whether your information could have been collected.

Click on “web tool” below to see if you were impacted.

Millions of users have already accessed the web tool provided by Facebook and have shared similar messages like the one above with their friends.

Facebook is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this week, and scrutiny of the platform will likely continue as CEO Mark Zuckerberg is further questioned by Congress and others.