Ahead of their Coachella performance tomorrow, Louis The Child have released a new single “Better Not” with whimsical songstress Wafia. Amidst steel drums and bright vocals, “Better Not” is a wonderfully danceable and innocent track.

Even Wafia admits, “It was hard not to dance in the studio anytime that drop came in.” We feeeeeel you, girl.

“This song feels really special to us,” says Freddy and Robby. “We’ve loved Wafia’s music for a long time, and were really excited to work with her. We think this is a beautiful, emotional song, and we feel like it’s a cool new sound for electronic music. We’re excited to see how people react.”

This isn’t your typical main stage banger, and honestly, I’m getting tired of them anyway. I don’t need to jump every 16 bars, I want to dance and groove and sing along and this song hits all those points and more.

Check out “Better Not” below!


Photo via Rukes.com