It’s been just over a year since Orno released his last single, “Amethyst,” in 2017. Since then, the producer has been hard at work honing his skills and zeroing in on a sound that felt more authentic and genuine to his own personality… with “Mazes,” he’s taken a big first step.

Orno lends his own voice to “Mazes,” a powerfully melodic and wonderfully raw song that is as much a ballad as it is a banger. Having taken a year off from releases, it was imperative that Orno return with a sense of purpose and convey it within his music, and “Mazes” achieves that goal beautifully.

In his past releases, he’s made sure to present a journey to listeners, a musical path that flows through time and space and reaches a conclusion. The conclusion here is that “Mazes” is the end of a beginning, a new path opening… we’re excited to see where he goes from here.

Listen to “Mazes” by Orno below.