Autograf hit pure gold when they teamed up with Klingande and Dragonette for their most recent single “Hope For Tomorrow.” Combining such production powerhouses with the songwriting and vocal talents of Dragonette, you couldn’t hope for anything less than a hit, anyway.

Now, the track has received two official remixes from Giiants (originally premiered on SiriusXM by DJ Ben Harvey) and Nico De Andrea. Where the original twists future bass into a more dark, ballad type of track, Giiants brings the vibe into the more positive with flourishing synths and a brighter melody.

Nico, on the other hand, completely reimagines the song into a nearly alternative, indie song with a driving bassline, sultry piano notes, and that addictive, minimal percussion. Few of the synths found in the original make their way into this new interpretation, providing a wonderful breath of fresh air into the track that we’d never expect.

Both remixes are available to stream now. Check them out below!

Autograf – Hope For Tomorrow [Remix EP]