Poo Bear has got a new album called Poo Bear Presents: Bearthday Music due this Friday, April 27th, and he’s just recently released the new track “Perdido” with Latin star J Balvin. On the surface, the track sounds like a sultry and smooth Spanish anthem, but according to Disciple Records’ co-founder Myro, it goes deeper. According to him, the track is also co-produced by Skrillex and Virtual Riot.

Virtual Riot’s usual brand of crazy synths and dubstep aren’t immediately noticeable, but Skrillex is well-known for being a chameleon in the studio, so we believe it. Skrillex and Poo Bear also have a history of working together, most notably on the recent single “Would You Ever.”

Check out the song below, and wait for this Friday when Poo Bear’s full album drops!

Poo Bear w/ J Balvin – Perdido (co-produced by Skrillex and Virtual Riot)