Lots of factors go into creating the perfect festival: booking performers, hiring staff, finding a venue, etc. One of the factors that doesn’t get a lot of attention is applying for permits (unless you’re Dirtybird). This is largely because permitting is purely on the business side of things, and it’s not something that directly affects attendees… unless you don’t get them in the first place.

Texas festival Finding Euphoria is set to happen in just two weeks, but Statesman reports the event is still lacking the necessary permit from the county to open its doors. Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty said, “Listen man, there’s a real clear road map as to how to get here on this deal. So if this is your deal, get it done.”

County staff members said today that the festival has been slow to respond to communications, making it difficult to “make a recommendation to commissioners on whether to approve a mass gathering permit for the event.”

A Finding Euphoria spokeswoman said today that the management team is committed to making sure the show goes on.

“We’re working to provide all the necessary documentation for a safe event, and we look forward to collaborating with County staff to make all appropriate adjustments based on their guidance,” Erin Suddleson said. “Finding Euphoria is grateful to the Austin and Travis County communities that have made this festival and events over the years possible.”

Euphoria Music Festival is scheduled for May 11-13, and features performances from Gramatik, Medasin, k?d, Cray, G Jones, and more.


via Statesman