Rezz‘s cult following always comes up with ideas of who they want her to collaborate with — and she has some news for those hoping deadmau5 is one of them.

As she’s revealed to us, she’s not willing to meet in the middle when it comes to her productions (full interview here). She doesn’t want to sacrifice any part of her artistry just for a collab. If its a good fit, however, she’s 100% down.

“I won’t do a collab jus for the hype of it,” she just revealed in a post. “Don’t care if some1 only has like 1 follower, or 10 million if they make cool shit I’m down.”

A fan quickly came back with — “Ok but collab with @deadmau5.”

And now, we have some explanation as to why this dream collaboration might take a little longer than fans expected. The mau5trap artists are certainly planning on it, but here’s the current sitch.

“I have been working on stuff and I’m just trying to make an idea that will work for both of our vibes n hope he likes. Im patient for it tho I don’t jus wanna send him something mediocre.”

We feel you, Rezz. Whenever this collaboration does happen — it will be worth the wait.

Rezz Talks Deadmau5 Collab


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