Someone else who was really anticipating the release of this track made an observation that I really vibe with. The title of this track with 13 isn’t just “Drugs,” it’s “Drugs!” With an exclamation point! It’s not like Rezz is trying to push drugs on anyone, but it’s still oddly hilarious for the track title to be so enthusiastic.

That being said, let’s get onto the actual track itself. “Drugs!” is shameless in its intensity. As with most Rezz tracks, it’s essentially fairly simple, but crazy effective. All of the little wobbles and heavy synth patches work to create an atmosphere that Rezz has built from her very first release.

With this final single from her album, due out next week, we’ve got a pretty good idea of how the full release will flow. Above all, it’s going to be dark and simplistic, with touches that will have you going back and listening for any hidden messages. Check out “Drugs!” below right now.

Rezz Behind the Scenes @ Electric Forest

With just a week between us and Mass Manipulation, the hype has reached unimaginable proportions — and that’s not even the only thing Rezz has up her sleeve. “Space Mom” talked with us just before her Electric Forest weekend 2 set and hinted at a huge visual representation that’s coming along with the album. Although she doesn’t give away too many details, we have a feeling we might finally get to see the planet that Rezz is actually from (because it’s obviously not Earth)!

In this Your EDM exclusive, Rezz also talks working with mau5trap, her close bond fans, why it’s important to be yourself, and much more!

EXCLUSIVE: We finally have proof… REZZ isn't from Earth

Posted by Your EDM on Friday, July 28, 2017

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