We may only be 17 years into the 21st century, but it doesn’t hurt to give out recognition. Especially if it’s recognition for Calvin Harris, one of the biggest musical artists of the last century.

Harris is so massive that he is officially the most played Scottish artist of the 21st century. The honor comes from PPL, the UK music industry’s collective management organization for artists and record companies. PPL tasked its data team to find out the most played Scottish artist of the 21st century, and Harris emerged as the #1 artist. The data is based on UK radio and TV airplay. PPL also found a Calvin Harris song is played every six minutes in the UK.

Calvin Harris is no stranger to achievement, but this recognition deserves many congratulations. Check out Harris announcing his new title below:

I’m the #1 most played Scottish act of the 21st century. That’s mad

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Cover Photo: Rukes