Dillon Francis still has yet to reveal the release date or title of his upcoming, Spanish-language album, but week after week we’re getting more and more singles. We’ve already been treated to the likes of “Ven,” the debut album single, as well as “We The Funk” and the ridiculously addictive “Sexo.”

Now, Dillon is teasing two more singles from his album and asking fans: which next? “BaBaBa” and “Look At That Butt” are clear Dillon singles, both carrying that wild and fun sound that he’s become known for. “BaBaBa” is a bit more on the moombahton side, while “Look At That Butt” is definitely more something you could twerk to.

No word yet on when either of these are coming out, but you can weigh in right now on which one you want to hear first on Dillon’s Twitter!


Photo via Rukes.com