Crizzly and Carbin both make their Circus debut as they drop the new song “Bangin’.”

Crizzly is a well-known name in bass music, releasing on Rottun, Bassrush and his own imprint Slice Gang; Carbin is a stellar rising name who has been carving out his own lane, releasing on Dim Mak, Kannibalen and Firepower. As the two collaborate on “Bangin'” and put out their new single on Circus Records, the world can finally get a better look at what they’re both about.

“Bangin'” is a pure dubstep tune that puts heavy emphasis on the bass and kicks with those brostep-ish mids and highs. The track finds a perfect home on Circus, which is known for these types of high-intensity dubstep tracks. Check it out below.

We also asked Carbin and Crizzly to send over playlists of their favorite tracks to “pwn n00bs” to, as they’re both pretty heavy gamers. Needless to say, based on these playlists, they definitely know how to release their aggression in a healthy way. Check them both out below!