Lately, it seems that Jauz can do no wrong. In the lead up to his debut album, he’s already dropped collaborations with Example and DJ Snake, and now he’s going in on the house realm with an unexpected collaboration with Snails.

While we’ve seen Jauz dabble in house before, “Motherfuckers” is absolutely new territory for the vomitstep juggernaut, who usually keeps to the more heavy styles. The track’s acid influence should please even the most discerning rave veterans, and the hook is perfectly suited for the vibe.

I kept expecting Snails’ usual style to poke its head in at some point, but it never did. The track is pure acid house through and through; it’s a bold choice for Jauz, and especially for Snails, but we’ve seen these two take chances with their sets and releases before with great results.

Check out “Motherfuckers” below!

Jauz & Snails – Motherfuckers


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