From the makers of Ultra Music Festival‘s iconic Resistance Arcadia Spider stage comes an all new indoor concept — and it seriously looks out of this world!

Introducing The Reactor, the all-new, immersive environment brought indoors is 360 degrees of pure amazement. And to think, the ambitious project depicted in the teaser video below is only a mere glimpse into this new world Arcadia has created.

Simply put: “It will be like going through a portal into another dimension.”

The creative minds behind The Reactor have been working around the clock to provide a concert experience like never before. Words like “epic” and “spectacular” come to mind but nothing really describes what’s being built here.

And last night, it came to life for the first time ever. Eats Everything, Boys Noize, Matador Live and Paul Woolford were all there to throw down in this portal-like indoor structure. Tonight, it comes to life again with Delta Heavy, Bad Company (UK) and so many more.

It’s guaranteed to be unlike any other venue you’ve ever seen — just watch!

The Reactor – Arcadia’s Brand New Immersive Venue


Photo via aLIVE Coverage