It’s not everyday you get Kygo and Alan Walker in the same room to talk music — but that’s exactly what just happened as the two have hit the road together for their first-ever North American tour. During a recent interview, they discussed the current state of dance music, staying relevant, streaming trends, and most notably, dream collaborators. As it turns out, they are each other’s.

PAPER had the opportunity to speak with them both during Coachella, and they revealed their plans to team up together. When asked about dream collaborators here’s what Alan Walker and Kygo had to say:

Alan Walker: One of my dream collaborators… [laughs] I would definitely pick you!

Kygo: Wow! Well that one is going to happen!

Alan Walker: [Laughs]

Alan Walker revealed his true, #1 dream collaborator as DJ Ness, while Kygo mentioned his desire to make music with pop sensation Ed Sheeran. All of this sounds amazing, but we’re really all about the two teaming up together. From the sounds of this interview, it’s only a matter of time.

Kygo: …But I mean now I am just really excited about our collaboration. It’s definitely going to happen!

For fans of Kygo and Alan Walker, this collaboration will be a perfect match. Now hopefully these guys find time to make it happen with their busy tour schedules, sooner rather than later.

Read the entire interview via PAPER.


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