Papa Roach and Kayzo will soon unleash the bass heavy remix for “Last Resort” that we’ve been needing in our lives! This seems too good to be true. But from the looks of the album art, it’s not.

Suffocation, no breathing.

Not many songs hit like this alternative metal classic does. Through its powerful lyrics, raw emotion and relentless instrumentation, “Last Resort” made a name for itself and put Papa Roach on the map. Within just moments of hearing those opening notes of the song, listeners were at its mercy.

Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort.

Kayzo’s music has a similar kind of quality, as heard through his debut album Overload, which packs in plenty of bangers. They’re more than just that, though. It’s easy to draw comparisons between the artistry at work with “Last Resort” and [insert any Kayzo track here].

These guys are about to hit us with one of the biggest remixes of the year — “Last Resort” drops 5/16/2018. Somebody pinch me.

Papa Roach x Kayzo – Last Resort

This is my last resort[ BRXVN ]

Posted by Kayzo on Tuesday, December 26, 2017