We’re on the eve of EDC Las Vegas. The legendary festival returns this weekend along with an insane lineup and massive production. While attendees prepare to have fun, first responders are preparing to keep everyone safe.

FOX5 Las Vegas ran a story about an ambulance company preparing for EDC Vegas this year. Community Ambulance, along with the Las Vegas Metro Police and even the FBI, are working together for this year’s festival. The effort comes as a result of the shooting during Route 91 Harvest Festival last year in Las Vegas.

“We literally are providing services for a small city,” said Glen Simpson, special events manager for Community Ambulance. We sit in rooms and work through various situations. What that would look like to keep all attendees safe.”

Simpson’s friend died during the festival shooting last year, and he told FOX5 that “it definitely brings a level.”

“I have a lot of friends that come to this event,” Simpson said. “It’s definitely every EMS’ worst nightmare what happened that night.”

But, Simpson said the experience pushed them to prepare harder this year for EDC Vegas.

“We believe at the end of the day, should we be faced with any incident or issue then we’re prepared for it.” He continued, “We’re one big family and we’re here to support each other and we look forward to a very successful event and we couldn’t do it without our community partners out there.”

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department will have officers located at hotel locations as well. We hope for a safe and happy weekend for all.


Cover Photo: Rukes