Insomniac Events, the promoters who run Electric Daisy Carnival, have a decently long history of running festivals with camping. Their Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland events have had camping at least the past two years, and the camping at Middlelands and HARD last year were impeccable. Still, it seems that even at their flagship event, issues can run rampant.


Reports of waits in the camping line to EDC have been reported up to seven hours in some cases, with averages yesterday of around 4-6 hours. Hundreds of people have been tweeting at Insomniac, EDC, and Pasquale Rotella to do something about the wait. At time of publishing, no statement has been made regarding the issues.

One tweet from EDC told campers to arrive with a full tank of gas and to expect “some routine delays.”

A simple search for “edc camping” on Twitter will bring up the brunt of the complaints, and it’s quite prolific at this point. For those who were able to make it into camping, the new ShiftPods actually look quite spacious and comfortable. We’ve seen one tweet from an individual complaining of no lights in her tent, but for the most part the tents seem to be working as advertised.

Unfortunately, many other tweets depict a worse scene with claims of overflowing or closed porta-potties and far too few showers for the thousands of campers who are staying over the weekend.

There was also a suspected shooter last night in Las Vegas that was eventually cleared; unfortunately, the possible danger apparently caused the box office at the World Market Center to close early, leaving hundreds without passes to get into camping. To be clear: we do not fault EDC for closing the box office, that was the smart move. Unfortunately, no announcement was made via social media to anyone headed to the box office.

Expectations were for 80% of campers to arrive on Thursday, so the lines should be considerably shorter today if everything goes according to plan.

We’re sure Insomniac is working diligently to address all of these concerns, but the lack of transparency on social media is somewhat disappointing. We’ve reached out to Insomniac for comment.

Take a look at some of the tweets and reddit posts we’ve found below.


Photo via Freedom Film LLC for Insomniac