EDC Las Vegas is the perfect place to test out new material to appreciative ears — and last night, Porter Robinson aka Virtual Self rose to the occasion by dropping a brand new version of one of his most famous songs.

Upon its release late last year, “Ghost Voices” became an instant classic. Now, you can’t go to any music festival without hearing it, nor would anyone want to go without hearing it. But now, this “Ghost Voices 2.0” version is making some serious waves after its epic debut.

Virtual Self’s digital concept took over the screens to intro the brand new track: I am called Technic-Angel. Do you know the song “Ghost Voices?” I created a new version. Let’s experience music. Do you feel my tears?

While “Ghost Voices” in its original form has left nothing to be desired, this bassy edit is simply amazing. “Ghost Voices 2.0” is the version we didn’t know we needed. Even through the barriers of the footage below, we can feel the energy.

Virtual Self never ceases to amaze.

Ghost Voices 2.0


Photo via Rukes.com