In the vast sea of up-and-coming dubstep producers, Somnium Sound is absolutely one to watch out for. His new EP on Never Say Die Black Label is out Monday, June 4, but the collaboration with Jetset, “Devil,” is available to hear today. And boy, oh boy, is it worth it.

For those of you who maybe miss that classic Figure sound but wish it were updated for 2018, this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Extremely textured bass notes and terrifying synth samples make this track what it is, a wild and cacophonous foray into the depths of Hell and the Devil.

‘Somnium’ translates to ‘dream’ in Latin, which is somewhat ironic because Somnium Sound’s music is more likely to give you nightmares than peaceful reveries. Still, if you’re into that sort of thing, check out “Devil” below.

You can presave the Bloomkeeper EP here.