Rezz might be from another planet, but she still needs a place to call her own here on Earth. And, from the looks of it, her new crib is coming together quite nicely.

Space Mom just shared some pics, which show off her personal living space. From the kitchen, to the living room, to the back deck, this place looks really amazing — and surprisingly human.

Of course, no producer’s pad would be comeplete without a home studio. Rezz will spend her time creating in the quaint little area pictured below, complete with posters and fan art that proves her fan base is seriously the best ever.

The home studio doesn’t stray too far from what you might see a bedroom producer working out of. Although Rezz is one of the biggest names in dance music, her setup is pretty modest. Best believe, whatever comes out of that laptop is sure to blow all of our minds.

Rezz has us feeling like we’re watching a tripped out episode of MTV Cribs! Just, watch.


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