Police are making it very clear to Above & Beyond fans — leave your drugs at home this weekend.

Above & Beyond’s Common Ground tour hits Sydney Showground this Saturday, June 9. Leading up to the event, NSW Police have issued a warning and are blasting out a stern message on social media that drug dogs will be waiting at the gates in full force.

According to the newly circulated statement: “Police warn that drug detection dogs will patrol the venue and can detect the presence of prohibited drugs or someone who has recently had drugs on them. If a dog makes an indication you will be denied entry.”

South West Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell is also driving that same message home: “We encourage young people to come along and enjoy the event, we don’t want bad behavior to spoil the atmosphere or create an unsafe environment. Poor choices can have serious consequences and we urge all people attending this festival to remain safe, look after your friends, and don’t risk your health or your good reputation.”

Police definitely aren’t messing around from the sounds of these statements. We get trying to keep music fans safe, but we’re not sure if using scare tactics like this will actually keep people from using recreational drugs.

Hoping everyone has a fun and safe time at Above & Beyond in Sydney this weekend!


Source: NSW Government | Photo via Rukes.com