Even though “What Would Diplo Do?” isn’t currently on the air, the fake Diplo Twitter persona created to emulate the fictional character is still kicking and absolutely hilarious. While it’s not economical or even reasonable to cover everything he says online, there are certain nuggets of gold that will occasionally warrant more attention.

With the DJ Mag Best Of North America winners just being announced, “Diplo’s” take on the DJ Mag Top 100 is apropos and still wildly funny. In his words, the Top 100 is actually a ranking of the male industry’s IQ; the Top 100 is actually a list of all the DJs who scored under 100.

That’s also apparently why there are so few females on the list every year. “Last year a couple female DJs tried getting on by just drawing pictures and writing ‘me like musik and redbull drink!’ on the answer sheet,” he wrote, “but they still somehow got higher scores than most of the guys.”

While we’re used to following Dillon Francis, deadmau5, and Josh Pan for our daily Twitter funnies, if you’re not following @_diplo_, you’re making a big mistake.