Gorillaz have a new album coming later this month, and luckily we have a preview of what it’ll sound like. The third single from the album released today, titled “Sorcererz.” Plus, Gorillaz debuted three other new songs live.

First, “Sorcererz” follows “Humility” and “Lake Zurich” from new album The Now Now. This single continues the groovy vibe from the previous tracks, perfect for the dancefloor. Albarn’s vocals come in soft and distorted, almost dominated by the summer synths. Bongo and other bubbling percussion juxtapose nicely with the drum machine beat. “Sorcererz” marks a significant departure from songs on the previous album Humanz, but we dig the new direction.

Gorillaz debuted “Sorcererz” and three other new songs live during a festival set at Rock im Park in Nuremberg, Germany. The band debuted “Tranz,” Magic City” and “Souk Eye,” all from the new album. The tracks are more Gorillaz’ new disco, groove direction, and get us even more hyped for the new album.

The Now Now releases on July 29. Watch the “Sorcererz” visualizer and live clips of the three new songs below: