Yesterday, Skrillex and Pendulum posted teasers for the former’s remix of the latter’s hit “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn),” out this Friday. Skrillex’s teaser has since been deleted, but he posted fresh – and more lengthy – teasers this morning via Instagram.

First and foremost, sorry dubstep fans, you’re not getting your fix here. Skrillex’s remix of “The Island Pt. 1” is straight euphoric future bass, complete with his iconic brand of vocal chops. It even sounds like he’s added his own voice to the mix with the chops, or else he’s pitched up Rob Swire’s vocals super, super high.

It definitely fits in more with Skrillex’s more recent productions, and at this point, we’re probably fooling ourselves hoping that he’ll return to his 2011-2013 era sound. Artists grow and evolve, after all.

Skrillex’s remix for Pendulum’s “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)” is out tomorrow, June 8. Check back tomorrow for the full stream!


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