There’s been a trend emerging this year surrounding more minimal production following a downtempo rhythm, usually with a female vocalist, doing away with traditional ‘drops’ and putting more emphasis on songwriting. This is all well and good when executed properly, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of bedroom producers aren’t good at songwriting.

Aire Atlantica isn’t a bedroom producer, nor does “Cut You Off” fit that description.

Yes, it hits on all the points I’ve mentioned, but the songwriting and arrangement are miles above some of the other submissions I’ve received in even the past week. The distorted synth lead alone is enough to set itself apart, but pairing it with that bassline gives it a Two Feet-esque twang that’s simply irresistable.

And let’s not write off KOLE, whose serene vocals add a heavenly air to the track; especially with the reverbed vocals floating atop the stoic production in the bridge, her contributions undoubtedly set this song apart.

Check out “Cut You Off” below.