Fans have commonly attributed Skrillex’s beginnings in dance music to his interactions with Noisia before My Name Is Skrillex was released in 2009 (see here), but it was actually years before that the spark grew into a flame.

Skrillex just dropped a new future bass remix for Pendulum’s track “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn),” and it’s actually a bit of a sentimental release for him. As he tells it, he was on tour with From First To Last in 2004 in Salt Lake City when he found a record store and went in. Whoever was there that day showed him some “underground” drum and bass, for the time.

“He played 2 for me that I ended up buying that day: DJ Baron ‘Operation Pipe Dream’ & Pendulum ‘Hold Your Color,'” he wrote. “I had already loved electronic music but after that day I told myself I would be a DJ.”

So you could say Pendulum had a pretty big influence on young Sonny.

But the trip down memory lane doesn’t end there…

As it turns out, another not-yet-famous producer actually owned and operated that store during his time in college: Kaskade! “This very well could have been me,” writes Kaskade. Unfortunately, the timing really doesn’t check out. Skrillex was 16 in 2004, meaning Kaskade would have been 33, long out of his college years and already active as a DJ for about a decade.

Still, the way that two paths cross in time is an astounding thing.

Listen to Skrillex’s remix of “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)” below if you haven’t already.


Image via Daniel Zetterstrom