Tomorrowland continues to be one of the most magical festivals of the year. While events like Ultra and EDC in the US put more emphasis on community and production, Tomorrowland creates an experience like no other. (Each of these festivals devotes some effort to each of these qualities, to be clear.)

This year’s theme for Tomorrowland is “Planaxis,” believed to be a play on the underwater city of Atlantis. And judging by the trailer for this year’s festival, that is absolutely spot on.

What if I told you
That the most ordinary things in life
can hold mysteries you would never believe.
Stories waiting to be discovered.
Take a closer look and be guided on a quest
that will show you a new perspective on life.
Somewhere in these endless surroundings
embraced by the most valuable gifts
of Mother Nature
lies a place rarely visited by mankind.
Follow your coordinates in search of
fundamental beauty.
The Story of Planaxis

The trailer this year is incredibly produced, and wildly exciting, even in its minimalism. A lone man rows on a creaky wooden boat out in the vast ocean; before long he stumbles upon a buried secret that no man has seen before…

Watch below, and get ready for Planaxis. See here for the full lineup at Tomorrowland 2018. The festival will be held this year Just 20-22 and July 27-29.