Fans of Zedd and REZZ: how does a possible collaboration sound? Lucky for you, we may hear a collaboration from the two artists in the future.

This possible collaboration has a humorous origin. Zedd posted a video to Twitter showing off a new…”dance move.” You need to see it to believe it.

After pitching his new dance to Fortnite, REZZ chimed in to laugh at the video. Then, a fan asked if Zedd would collaborate with REZZ. We guess artists get asked about possible collaborations all the time; it’s probably exhausting to keep up. But, in this rare case Zedd actually responded with interest.

REZZ came back to agree to the collaboration… but on one condition. She asked Zedd to replicate his masterful dance move if they collaborated. Zedd agreed, so it looks like we may get a Zedd and REZZ collaboration in the future.

In the meantime, Rezz’s album Certain Kind Of Magic comes out August 3.

Fingers crossed!


Cover Photo: Rukes