Electric Forest has been temporarily shut down and evacuated due to severe weather.

UPDATE: Electric Forest is officially reopening at 8:46 local time.

Here’s a crazy video of the weather going on right now.

According to Rezz, they’ve also taken down the LED walls on the stage.

She promises to perform even if there are no LED walls as long as the weather clears up and the festival starts again.

This is a developing situation. For more information, refresh this page or follow us on Twitter.

The weather looks terrifying to say the least.

Electric Forest currently…

UPDATE: Our editor on the ground says the weather appears to be passing, but everyone is staying inside of cars and RVs right now. Please continue to stay sheltered until the festival opens the grounds back up.
UPDATE 2: Our editor on the ground reports fans are lining up for re-entrance even though there has been no official announcement of re-opening as of yet. Stay tuned here for more.
UPDATE 3: Electric Forest is reportedly opening back up, we are currently awaiting the official announcement.