The past 6 months have been insane for mystery artist 1788-L. Though the debut track from the project was “Replica” in January, it wasn’t until the “Particle Arts” flip that people started taking notice. And it was only a month later that Rezz was playing out an unreleased ID that would later become “HEX” at Ultra Music Festival.

The rise of 1788-L has been nothing but meteoric, but even that was nothing compared to the hype behind the debut live show of the project last night in Los Angeles with Brownies & Lemonade. An insane amount of people RSVP’d for the event which could safely only hold roughly 800 – if they pushed it. RSVPs reopened the day of the event and were closed again just 15 minutes, after presumably hundreds more flooded the submission forms. The line for the event wrapped around the block twice an hour before doors opened.

In attendance at the event were Quix, Luca Lush, Ducky, Boombox Cartel, Ooah from The Glitch Mob, Mr Carmack, Chet Porter, Electric Mantis, Brillz, HVDES, Hex Cougar, Pixel Terror and probably more that just wanted to experience the event.

Take a look at the videos and tweets from the event below.

Photo via @RforRej