This Friday, ahead of their Bassrush Massive show at the NOS Events Center on July 20-21, Bassrush is releasing their very first compilation with 19 artists from the show, 11 of which are brand new exclusives. Your EDM has the immense pleasure to premiere our personal favorite on the release, “Like That” by Consouls and Kronology.

I’ve long said that tearout drum & bass is one of my favorite subgenres, purely for the relentless energy that it brings to dance floors across the world. “Like That” is a prime example of tearout, with thunderous kicks and absolutely ear-shattering bass and synths. The tempo is also of great importance in tearout, in keeping up with the wild rhythm and intense pace of the music. It’s more main stream than neuro, faster than neuro, and more fun than any other kind of drum & bass that I can personally think of.

As both artists are LA locals, it makes this release even more special. Check out “Like That” by Consouls and Kronology below and keep an eye out for the whole compilation dropping this Friday!