Yet another example of Figure’s dark and sinister bass style, his new 4-song EP Heartbeat of Hell delivers the haunting chill every Friday the 13th deserves. “Death is Walking,” the first track on the release, starts with soft creepy vocals that lead into an unexpected insanely heavy drop.

The next track “Heartbeat of Hell” intros with a familiar haunting melody that makes you feel as if you are smack dab in the middle of your favorite horror movie. Incorporating heavy dub with the eerie sound design, the entire EP is loaded full of hits that are sure to please the superstitious type.

“Mean Man,” the 3rd track on the EP,  is a bit more upbeat from the beginning and hooks you immediately within seconds. The build-up had me on the edge of my seat as I waited for the drop I knew Figure was waiting to blow me away with.

The last track “Fe Fi Fo Fum,” a collaboration with Hi I’m Ghost, is one of the heaviest tracks on the EP. From start to finish this track is packed with energetic buildups and drops that are sure to give headbangers a run for their money. “Fe Fi Fo Fum” is the only vocal repeated throughout the track, tying it together with the rest of the haunting vibes.

Released under Never Say Die Black Label, the long-awaited EP is sure to be played for months to come. With Halloween quickly approaching and for those year round horror enthusiast, these tracks are just what was needed to get us through the summer.

Listen to the “Heartbeat of Hell” EP here: