San Holo has been working on his forthcoming debut album for all of 2018, and he’s just announced that it’s finally complete. It’s hard for us to believe that he wrote, recorded, and mastered it all in just six months, and it seems it’s hard for him to believe, too.

In a letter written to fans and posted on social media, San shares his feelings about finishing the album and showing it to friends and colleagues for the first time. “I played [my album] for a bunch of friends the other night,” he wrote. “It was nervewracking, but awesome seeing their response.”

San Holo also echoes a sentiment shared by many producers, that he could spend another year perfecting it, adding songs, making the mixdowns better… but sometimes you have to force yourself to sit back and go, “This is it. It’s done.”

We’ll be sure to let readers know when more information about San Holo’s album is available. For now, check out this ID from EDC Las Vegas.


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