Skrillex has been relatively quiet as of late. He operates similarly to his hip-hop, indie and other genre peers, taking breaks instead of constantly touring and releasing music. While we wait anxiously for new music, it appears Skrillex may pop up in an unexpected place: Rihanna‘s new album.

A Rolling Stone story covering the development of Rihanna’s upcoming album broke the news. In the story, an unnamed industry source says Skrillex has represened Rihanna at some recording sessions. The wording is a bit mysterious, but it suggests Skrillex may be deeply involved in the album’s production.

The story claims Rihanna’s next album will be a dancehall album, channeling back to her roots. Skrillex’s involvement would make sense; he’s worked with Damian Marley and Diplo (who is a member of the dancehall EDM group Major Lazer) in the past. He even gave Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” a dancehall-flavored beat. Skrillex may not be the first name you think of when you consider dancehall, but his recent work shows he combines the genre with EDM pretty well.

The details for Rihanna’s next album are hidden behind layers of rumors, but we’re curious to see if Skrillex makes the final cut. We’re always waiting for that next Skrillex album as well.


Cover Photo: Rukes