The beauty of having two distinct characters that make up part of your musical project is that you can provide a sort of yin and yang to your identity. For Virtual Self, those two parts are technic_angel and Pathselector. Each entity wrote different tracks on the Virtual Self EP, with Pathselector, for instance, writing “Ghost Voices.”

Earlier this week, Virtual Self revealed hidden correspondences between the two entities, pointing to a technic_angel version of “Ghost Voices,” aptly to be title “Angel Voices.” Now, that version is out and it’s incredible to hear how unique it is from Pathselector’s version while still holding true thematically to the original.

It’s not uncommon for artists to release a VIP, or variation in production, for one of their own tracks, but to do it with such purpose and intent is surely something new in dance music.

“Angel Voices” was released first an exclusive on the game Beat Saber, but it’s now up on Spotify. Listen below. Tickets for the Virtual Self Utopia tour are also on sale today – get tickets here.


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