We’re now just two weeks away from the release of Rezz’s second album, Certain Kind Of Magic. With “Witching Hour” and “H E X” already giving fans an accurate idea of what they’ll be hearing, today’s single “Flying Octopus” offers something different.

Rezz’s tracks have generally been harder than they are soft, if one is to look at them in a relative sense, utilizing harder kicks and the same 80-90 BPM range. “Flying Octopus” is easily the most atmospheric of her tracks, giving sounds lots of room to breathe without so much interaction and overlap. The kicks aren’t terribly hard. The sounds aren’t harsh. In fact, the melody is almost reminiscent of a lullaby.

This is all reinforced by the music video which features three sea creature friends, one of whose dream is to fly in the sky (hence the track name). Via blueprints received in bottles, the octopus constructs a device that allows it to do just that.

It’s up for debate whether I’d like the track as much as without the video as I do with it, but the video definitely paints a more vivid picture. Check out “Flying Octopus” below. Rezz’s new album Certain Kind Of Magic comes out August 3.