Tomorrowland 2018 kicks off right now with its first weekend. In case you aren’t streaming the festival, we have a look at 10 the festival’s stages from this year. Plus, a look at the festival’s tribute to Avicii.

Courtesy of Flemish newspaper De Morgen, we have photos of 10 of Tomorrowland’s 16 stages this year. The Mainstage transports attendees straight to the sea, complete with structures of jellyfish, shells and a massive seahorse. The other stages are impressive as well: highlights include Rose Garden, which has a Loch Ness-esque dragon, and Atmosphere, an enclosed tent with trippy lights. Take a look at all the stages below:


Theatre Formidable

Rose Garden

Harbour House





Organ of Harmony


Tomorrowland also paid special tribute to Avicii this year. A heart-shaped memorial for Avicii is located on the One World Bridge, the bridge transporting guests around the festival. The memorial includes a photo of Avicii from one of his iconic Tomorrowland sets and the message “Forever in our Hearts.” The tribute is dedicated by the People of Tomorrow, aka Tomorrowland as a whole. Check out the tribute below:

Story Photo Credits: Alan van Zitteren

Cover Photo Credit: RUDGR