Artists looking to get their songs featured on Spotify‘s official playlists: we have good news for you. The streaming service has announced a new feature that will allow artists to connect with Spotify’s editorial team to submit songs for playlist consideration.

The new feature, currently in beta, gives artists the ability to submit unreleased music right through their Spotify for Artists account. It’ll be as easy as selecting an unreleased song and pressing “submit.”

Nick Holmsten, vice president of Content & Global Head of Shows & Editorial at Spotify, told Billboard the following:

“The number one question we get from labels, artists and their teams is: who do I speak to to get on Rap Caviar, Hot Country, ¡Viva Latino!, Ultimate Indie or other Spotify playlists? We’ve listened to feedback from the creative community, and developed a new feature that enables them to easily submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to our entire worldwide team of playlist editors.”

It’s no secret Spotify’s curated playlists are huge; playlists like Rap Caviar and mint garner millions of plays, a huge advantage for up-and-coming artists. Many users listen to these playlists over listening to individual tracks or albums, so it’s important for artists to consider playlist placement for maximum exposure.

Artists, enjoy the new Spotify feature, and good luck!