Sriracha guy is a staple at festivals. It’s a simple concept: bring a bottle of sriracha to festivals and chug it… we’re not sure if he waits for people to be watching, or just goes for it whenever for the taste, but we admire his gumption.

Fortunately, he was caught by some fans during Rezz’s set at Audiotistic this past weekend and he’s once again gone viral. The moment captured by @tris10narvaez has over 375,000 views on Twitter and was noticed by Rezz herself as well.

Forgiving the vaguely stereotyping caption that comes along with the video, if you catch Sriracha guy at your next festival, be sure to give him a huge fist bump for being such a rad dude.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the song playing is, it’s Rezz’s edit for 1788-L’s “Pulsar Beam” mashed up with his remix of Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts.”

See Sriracha guy helping out a fellow raver from Ultra 2018 here.


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