Anyone who goes to raves or music festivals on a regular basis can connect with Iliza Shlesinger’s iconic (and trademarked) Party Goblin bit. For those who aren’t aware of Iliza, do yourself a favor and call out of work and fire up Netflix and watch all four of her Netflix specials. Then bookmark them so you, in a week, can still laugh while you cry about not being able to afford rent because you called out of work. Iliza’s fourth special titled Elder Millennial was released on Netflix today and, in honor of the occasion, Iliza has also created the ultimate playlist of all the trashy pop music from the 2000’s that you claim to hate and yet somehow know all the words.

You too can relive the magic of that Y2K New Years when you were going to your first boy/girl party and kind of hoping the world was actually ending so the boys might want to kiss you during spin the bottle. Or was that just me?

Elder Millennial was filmed in San Francisco on February 23, 2018, aboard a retired aircraft carrier- the USS Hornet. In the past, Iliza has described her comedic style as aggressive/honest comedy and she takes a firm stance on literally any topic she addresses in her specials because she is #notwrong. Not only does Iliza proudly accept the dreaded “Millennial” title but also that of a feminist. Her brand of feminism, however, is about commanding respect and not demanding it. And as a result, Iliza has no problem calling out the insanity that is women wanting to be “mermaids” in her Netflix special Confirmed Kills. 

Newly engaged before the taping, Iliza uses Elder Millennial special as a platform to continue to educate the younger Millennials (and whatever the generation that follows Millennials is called) on how she met her husband, Fuckman Terry, and sending a text message from a sidekick.

P.S. If Iliza’s publicists somehow get this to Iliza… since she often walks onstage to Krewella and has said in interviews she used to rave, I’m extending the invitation that Iliza forever has an invite to be my plus one to any rave. We’ll go, find a dairy aisle, and do some whip its. It might kill us but it will be fucking worth it.

P.P.S. that was a blatant rip off of one of Iliza’s bits. If you aren’t laughing and are going to write letters, please go watch Freezing Hot first. Thanks.

P.P.P.S. Still totally down for whip its with Iliza. Let’s be honest.