While the competition between Apple Music and Spotify rages on, Drake is headed to the bank. According to a new report from Music Business Worldwide, Drake has generated over $100 million across the two platforms from his music.

Drake has been streamed over 10 billion times on Apple Music and over 13 billion times on Spotify. At around  $0.00735 per stream on Apple and $0.005 per stream on Spotify, Drake has generated close to $115 million, but the real number is likely even higher. MBW pulled Spotify streaming numbers for Kworb, which only counts “chart-eligible” streams. According to MBW, “Spotify puts a cap on the number of plays each individual user can contribute to the chart within a 24 hour period.”

Of course, it helps that Drake has 168 tracks on Spotify, all with impressive streaming numbers.

For a comparison of just how prolific Drake is on streaming services,  Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar each have just 9.084bn, 8.696bn, and 4.589bn streams respectively on Spotify.

According to calculations by MBW, over 1% of all money paid out by Spotify has gone to Drake. One percent doesn’t seem like much at first, but think of it as over one cent from every dollar goes to Drake. That’s insane.


via Music Business Worldwide | Photo via The Holy Mountain for Insomniac