Music festivals have a responsibility to keep their attendees safe. That responsibility includes security, such as security checks, item restrictions and security guards. In light of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, and other comparable security threats, Lollapalooza will increase its security this year.

For 2018, Lollapalooza will push back its security perimeter, including increased police patrol on surrounding streets and in locations overlooking the Grant Park venue. More police will be present at the festival and in surrounding areas, with a special emphasis on hotels and high-rises. The security efforts are a direct response to the news that the Vegas gunman booked rooms at an overlooking hotel during last year’s festival. The gunman never used those rooms for nefarious purposes, but security increases are being made to alleviate potential attendee fears.

The Chicago Police Department will also be working with local businesses to be on the lookout for any suspicious persons. The department is also keeping an eye on social media to watch out for potentially threatening posts.

Meanwhile, Lollapalooza organizer C3 Presents has made changes to the restricted items list. Large backpacks with multiple pockets will be prohibited, but smaller bags and purses will be allowed. Security checkpoints with metal detectors and individual, full-body pat-downs will be used in the entry lines as well. Three different security will also monitor the gates and stages inside the park.

Lollapalooza attendees: don’t let the increased security measures sully your experience. Have fun this weekend when Lollapalooza kicks off in Chicago on August 2-5.


H/T: Chicago Tribune | Cover Photo: Rukes