In a post being shared on Facebook, one woman claimed to have had her phone, her ID, and bank cards stolen after she was hit with pepper spray in the crowd at Tomorrowland this past weekend.

The incident allegedly took place right in front of the festival’s Main Stage on Saturday, according to an RTL report

According to an official Tomorrowland spokesperson, the organizers have not received an official complaint about the incident but have confirmed reports. Although security measures have been amplified at festivals around the world, there seems to be always room for improvement.

“We carry out standard checks at the entrance, the pepper spray is a prohibited weapon and therefore prohibited, it is clearly stipulated in the regulation,” stated the spokesperson.

The woman who posted the original claim states that she can replace the non-valuables but pleas for her phone to be returned due to the sentimental value of memories on her device. “But on the SD card in my phone there were hundreds of photos of my children, trips and holidays,” she wrote. “These are totally worthless to you and have an incredibly great emotional value for me. Please have the guts to give it back to me in one way or another!”

Coincidentally, one of our staff members reported seeing another pepper spray incident at the main stage on Friday of the first weekend at Tomorrowland. There’s no indication the two events are connected at this time.

For more information about Tomorrowland’s rules and regulations please see here.