Though we half expected Martin Garrix’s new track with Bonn, “High On Life,” to be released his past Friday as part of New Music Friday, the producer revealed via social media that fans would have to wait until he closed out the Tomorrowland main stage with it on Sunday night. Sure enough, the moment sparked some serious emotions and it is now available to stream via all regular platforms.

Bonn’s voice is perfect for the sort of pop/progressive crossover that Garrix has become known for through songs like “Scared To Be Lonely” and “There For You.” The song’s lyrics are hopeful and brimming with positive energy, again, complementing Garrix’s usual style. As for the production, an argument could be made that it sounds a bit like Avicii; honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Garrix took a little inspiration from Tim for this one, as we’re sure his music has been in Martin’s regular personal playlists since the producer’s passing this past April.

Bonn came out on stage with Martin Garrix on Sunday night to perform the song live, accompanied by a bevy of fireworks and cheers from the crowd. Listen to the full song below: