Though Dua Lipa experienced some controversy within the dance music realm last month after her appearance at Tomorrowland, she isn’t letting that stop her from working with two very talented produced in Mark Ronson and Diplo.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer revealed she has a collaboration in the works with Mark Ronson and Diplo’s duo project Silk City that will appear on her second album.

“We did a song together that I’m again really excited about,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “It’s something different, but it does lead into some of new music that I’m going to bring in my albums. It’s got some throwback elements to it; it’s dancey; it’s still a pop song. I just shot the video — I shot it the day before yesterday but I finished at seven a.m. yesterday morning. We shot all through the night. It wasn’t at the Louvre, unfortunately — it was in New Jersey.”

With the music video already finished shooting (though there are still likely edits and post-production to be done), we could expect the single to drop very soon! Listen to Dua Lipa speak about the single below.