Metal and dubstep go together like olive oil and burrata, and artists like Sullivan King, Kayzo, and Excision have been doing a lot to bridge that gap more than ever. You might even consider Korn’s album Path Of Totality… But holy hell, SLANDER and Crankdat have struck pure 24K gold with “Kneel Before Me” featuring none other than Asking Alexandria.

“This kind of music is in our core and is where a lot of our other tastes developed from, so if you can imagine how thrilled we were when Asking Alexandria agreed to be a part of our new song with Crankdat!” said Slander. “Our goal with this song was to make our own rendition of hardcore music with dubstep at its core, essentially bringing our musical roots into 2018! Hope you guys dig it!”

The drops are absolute insanity, the vocals evoke pure rage and anger, and it’s all tied together with an incredible melody that makes us thank god this collaboration exists in the first place.

If you’re wondering what the lyrics are before the drop so you can scream along, it’s, “I bring the light into the ground, kneel before me.” Check it out below, out now via Monstercat.


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