I’ve made my opinions on riddim pretty well known throughout my various reviews on Your EDM, so of course my apprehension toward “riddim blaster” by totto was already through the roof before it even began. However, I wouldn’t be writing this now if the song hadn’t already¬†blasted through my apprehension and turned it into appreciation.

This “riddim blaster” is actually much closer to the dark glitch hop of the 2012-2013 era from the likes of Culprate, KOAN Sound, Asa, or Opiuo. It’s maniacal and chaotic, but grounded in melody and a sort of entropic serenity that is wildly attractive.

The dark and wet synth notes draw you in like quicksand before the jagged and metallic notes in the drop spit you right back out, only for the process to repeat over and over. “riddim blaster” is a bit of a misnomer, but I’m in no way disappointed. Grab your free download now if you dig it as much as I do!